ive just been using the head that is built into my combo amp.

im looking to buy a new head but i honestly dont know a damn thing about bass heads (quality, sound, good for the price).

any suggetions?
first of all, you're going to need a cab to go with that head, unless you're sure you can take the one in your combo out and install some jacks somewhere and seal it back up; and the speaker in your combo won't give you a whole lot of options as to wattage and whatnot.
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i have a gk 1x15 cab that i have under my combo amp. so its kinda like a stack. its a 1x15 with a 2x10 combo on top of it. i should be getting another cab as well soon. but i want a better head than the one that is in my combo.
There are lots of good one on the market, Warwick and GK are goodo ones to start looking at, they have great quality with an ok(ish) price.
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