I got my Valveking a few days ago and the store I bought it from didn't have any footswitches. So I came home expecting the footswitch from my MG to work on it, but it doesn't. So I tried the footswitch from a Fender FM212R, also don't work, and I tried a 1 button footswitch that didn't work. Should any of these have worked? I have a gig coming up so I'm going to need a footswitch and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get to the music store to buy one (it's 2 hours away), is there anything I could do to get one of the others to work?
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I think you have to buy the Valveking footswitch. Peavey makes a two button fs that seems to work for almost all of their amps, then they have a specific one for the VK.
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You have to buy the VK footswitch
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