Poll: Do you even actually need a whammy bar for good lead playing
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Alright, I was talking to some guys about guitar and we came across the question, do you even actually need a whammy for good lead guitaring? You decide!

Poll Open!
No you dont, but it can be used to great effect, go listen to Steve Vai.

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no you dont need a whammy, it sometimes is helpful to add feeling to a solo but it's definitely not required. Just that vibrato effect it has. Whammy "raping" (herman li) is just gay.
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God no.
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no, but it's always good to have one. I hate going to play a Rush solo or some pink floyd and realizing I can't do it on a LP knockoff.

Well Pink Floyd is possible, but my vibrato isn't so hot.
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to quote Dave Mustaine

(From an interview with "Masters of Metal and Hard Rock" magazine)

"God created whammy bars for people who don't know how to solo."
It's been well explored already...it's not needed but it can be fun and useful to add feeling or flair to a solo (a la Steve Vai and Stevie Ray Vaughan). But all told it's not NEEDED for good leads...check out some guitarists like Slash or Jimmy Page...I think that proves it.
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I own a guitar with a whammy and i can personally tell u that it is a trouble FOR ME to do palm muting with a whammy right there. To be honest I don't think a whammy is fun for more than 5 minutes. And I agree with the herman li comment. its just gay. dave mustaine knows what he is talking about. only thing that whammy helps with is like if u suck and u miss a note and u dont know what bending the string is. AND it looks pretty if you keep it on your dimebag guitar, otherwise i truly wouldnt bother with one.
Whammys can get distracting. Alot of ppl over-use em, but they can be fun. And they can add some cool intro effects or cool solo endings. But u definately dont need one. Slash, Page, Allmans, and the guys in The Sword havent used one, and they are some of the best lead/riffing guitar players. Id use one if i were playing generic metal, or needed some way to get a 26th or 27th fret high note.
just trill and if you dont know what that is (god dammit)

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Depends. Sometimes, it can break strings and send guitars out of tune if you don't know how to use them.
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Its not necassary, but If used Effectively then it can add a lot to it. And i persoanlly think that whammy Bar "raping" sounds good. just my taste tho, but if your using it to do Vibrato and bends then it just sounds out of place, but for Dive Bombs, Squeels and sound effects they are great.
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No, but it can be great fun.

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I think their more problems with them then good. Basically I had a bad experience with a floyd rose. Their fun to use in Guitar Center but their pretty pointless unless your using it for certain effects. Its basically another tool like a wah wah pedal or something. Its a choice of whether you want to get that effect.
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