FYI I'm not a fool that thinks that if it has dimebag of it ,its the greatest thing in the world.

Dime wah wah

Dime Tribute Distortion

Line 6 POD® X3 Live or Korg AX 100G

the amp im working on..

If you can come upwith a better combo please tell

I have about 600 - 700 dollars
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avoid the WD-7...crappiest wah ever.
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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If you can pay for it, I have the Wylde Custom Wah and it's un-freaking-believable...cuz as shredhead said the Weeping Demon sucks balls
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Id say that for metal, also try the Wylde OD. Coheed and Cambria uses one, and even with EMGs, it sounds great. The only thing i could think of upgrading is the multi-fx, to maybe a Boss GT-8.