whats the best playing guitar that comes pre-loaded with active EMG's? I don't want to mess with wiring any up myself as I'm not especially talented at it, and I don't feel like paying anyone to rip my guitar apart.

I was looking at the Jackson DKMGT, the only thing I'm put off by is the alder body. I've never owned one, but isn't that wood supposed to be bright?
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Look at the Schecter Hellraiser or any of the ESP LTDs that come with them.. Both companies make quality stuff.
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High-end ESPs are some of the best playing instruments out there, many of them have EMGs... But I think you'd be foolish not to consider either fitting some yourself or getting a tech to put some in for you. Is there a reason you particularly want actives? There are plenty of great passives that would blow EMGs out of the water most of the time.
Well, if you GOTTA have emg's, I'd go with the ESP's or ESP/LTD guitars.
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Ummmm what's your price range?

You could get a custom luthier made guitar and he'd put EMGs in it for you .
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
look into the esp ec series, awesum guitars with 81-60 pickups
or a schecter c-1 hellraiser that comes with 81-85
both awesum guitars...
what are the differances between the 85 and the 60?
85 higher gain than 60, 60 better for cleans.

i got 85 in the bridge and 60 in the neck for my hellraiser
Hmm schecter is a good company but why u want emg's in it. I'd recommend the schecter C-1 classic with real seymour duncan pickups. Much better sounds than emg's can make and just a little more expensive then the hell raiser. Well worth it tho
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thanks for the replies. I want EMG's because I have two guitars with passive electronics that I plan to upgrade to better passives at some point. but I want something with EMG's in it. I've had'em before and want a guitar with them again.

the Hellraiser is popular. I used to have a C-1 about a year ago. and I'm not a huge fan of thier necks. they aren't terrible. but I can't say they're preferred.

the neck is my biggest concern. I just want something fast. something high quality and doesn't have a floyd trem of any variety. honestly, if there was one a guitar recommended that played incredibly kick ass and had duncans or dimarzio's, I'd consider it. I just haven't found anything yet. I've looked at an Ibanez Prestige. anyone have any experience with those Gibralter bridges?
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The Gibraltars seem like they could handle drop A tunings without a second thought. They're massive, some of the biggest non-trem bridges I've ever seen.

As for guitars, I was gonna say ESP as soon as I saw the thread title, and after reading your last post about a high-quality, fast-necked, and non FR guitar I'd say an ESP is a MUST. I have an LTD EC-500 model (not even the highest-end LTD) and the quality is off the charts. Quite a few ESP/LTD necks are thin-U shaped, and as a result are thin and superfast. The build quality is amazing, and the hardware isn't cheap. Excellent guitars.

Check out:
The LTD EC-1000

If you can, however, the ESP Standard Models are a bit more (but not too much,) and are easily some of the best guitars you will EVER get your hands on:
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