I am getting an Epiphone Goldtop '56 reissue and a Fender Blues Junior amp for Christmas. I have been an acoustic guitarist, and I am going to start playing electric as well. I have a pickup in my acoustic (L.R. Baggs M1 Active) and I play through a small acoustic amp that sounds wonderful. It does need replacing though, because the sound cuts off and I have to smack it (only been 3 months with it.. can I call squier even though I got it from a guitar shop without warranty.. and they can replace it?) anyways.. I was wondering if my acoustic will sound any good through a fender blues junior amp.. I am playing an electric through it of course.. but wondering how it would sound
yes an acoustic through a BJ will sound amazing because the cleans on it are incredible.
^ Disregard that to some extent.
BJs definitely do have very nice cleans, but won't sound all that great in this case. Nice choice of amp though!

Anyway the problem is this: acoustic guitars have a much wider range of frequencies, many of which are lost due to the electric guitar's strong mid-emphasis. The speaker and preamp simply don't extend high enough into this frequency range to replicate the subtleties and 'air' that make an acoustic guitar sound so distinctive.

So it'll still be usable...but don't expect it to sound anywhere near as good as a PA, or dedicated acoustic amp.
was just wondering, thank you guys. I'll test it out.. I'm tired of my little acoustic amp.. its really messed up