Ok. So I pretty much suck at sweeping. I would say it is definitely the weakest part of guitar playing but i really want to get better at it. How should I go about trying to get better at them? Does anyone know some excercises that would help me. Any suggestions are appreciated
do them really slow and really focus on the "sweeping" motion
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practice VERY slowly and "rake" the strings instead of trying to "pick" them. It takes a long time to get good at these
Ok a couple things.

How do you figure it is a basic technique, and why do you say it is the weakest part of guitar playing? If by weakest you mean it serves very little practical purposes then your are mistaken.
Check the lessons for guides, and try sweep picking a few scales that you know already.
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Try doing this:
----------------- 8----------------------------------------------

Sweep it up and down, trying to mute all of the unplayed strings as you go along. Practice it with a metronome doing triplets. Start slow and keep at it!
i like to find sweep chord shapes i like the sound of and practice slowly and go up gradually with a metronome that thing is a life saver.... and that will help you with your theory too if you build them without using a chord chart good luck