Hey , new here and just thought i'd start some discussion. When i'm writing a riff for a song i'll just mess around and hear something i like and try make it up in my head what it will sound like and figure it out on guitar/bass/piano as i'm doing that but sometimes i could be sitting around the house bored and try some weird ways of writing riffs such as :

Flicking through a book , picking a random word and using the first letter in it that can be a chord or note. I do this a few times and try make something of it.

Another way i tried was doing a random sum on a calculater and using the answer like a tab.

both those ways have worked out at least once for me and so i thought i'd share them and ask people if they have any techniques they mess around with that ended up being useful ?
-Green Fig-
i write my riffs by tab also, so ill see a number somewhere and then use it to start a riff
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It sounds like you're trying to hard to find inspiration, thats just my opinion.
I just play and let things come out. Usually I can conceive ideas in my head and just transfer them to the guitar, pretty much every song I've written was just a conception in my head.