Hi, my friend is looking for a decent, but not too expensive bass. Unfortunately he can spend at the MOST 180 bucks, and he's probably looking to buy it off Ebay.

As I said, he's never even plucked the string from a bass, so it doesn't have to have a dozen "cool" features on it, he just needs something that will sound decent, and that won't break down too easily.

Any help would be appreciated,

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I have currently a Yamaha RBX170.


Brand new, it's at $180.
Its tone is pretty universal (I play hard rock).

The stock strings still seem pretty sturdy after about 5 months of playing, and they sound pretty good at Drop D, but when you get down to Drop C or C#, the string gets REALLY loose and the whole thing sounds ugly.

I'm playing off a Behringer BXL900, and the tone's still not that bad even for such a crappy amp company.
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Squier Jazz Bass or Ibanez GSR200.


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Squier Jazz Bass or Ibanez GSR200.


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One thing I have noticed, people are always coming in and posting here for their friends, which is cool and all, but do no wanna be bass players and web access?
Anway I would highly recomend the LTD series, the B-10 is an under-rated bass
(though very hard to find, you may have better like with a B-50), or the rockbass series, which are also very good for the price.

Link to the LTD B-10
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