Hi guys, first post here. I did my best to search for similar threads already...couldn't find a definite answer...

I've been playing through a 15W Crate practice amp for almost 5 years and that's got to change.

Currently I have a Gibson SG Special, and a new Ibanez RG 1570, and I really need an amp up to par. I made the awful mistake of picking up a Line6 Spider III 75W...promptly returned it for obvious reasons. So, I'm looking for a replacement.

I'm looking to go to a max of about $300...I can squeeze out a bit more if I need. From researching for the last week on a good amp, it seems like the Roland Cube's are by far the most recommended around that price range for good metal tones. I've ruled out the Micro-Cube, and the 15X and 20X for lack of all the amp models the higher two have...

So now my question is, the 30X or the 60?

For now, it's going to be a practice amp for my room, but I'd like to have the option of being able to practice, and play gigs with it down the road if I need. So I'm wondering if the 60W is going to be overkill, because I hear the 30X is plenty loud.

I've been trying to find out the differences between the two...all that I can find that's noteworthy seems to be the Presence knob on the 60, and the 12" speaker instead of the 10". However, the 30X has an on-board tuner, which isn't an outstanding feature, but seems convenient. And the 30X has the "Power Squeezer" to sound better at lower volumes.

I don't mind spending the extra money if it will be worth it, but I'm trying to figure out if the extra $115 is worth the Presence knob and the 12" speaker.

Any opinions/suggestions? Anyone have/had both and notice a significant difference in the sound, or think the Presence control is really worth having?

Thanks in advance.

What type of music do you play?

If you want to do any sort of gigging, I'd get the 60; but there might be better amps out there for you.
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the cube is a good amp for the price, but it is not very responsive to pickup change and dosent take pedals very well (froom my experiences with it) and since you have some nice guitars, this amp wont really do them justice if you ask me. though this is a cliche responce, save your money for a nice tube amp.
Dude, go to your local Guitar Center and look at used amps. I found a 50Watt Tube Combo for $300. You never know what you'll find. But the Cube 60 is a decent amp, better than most solid states (excluding Randall)
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this is actually a very good question that I never thought of, so now I'm wondering about this too
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IF your going to be Gigging then definantly go with the 60, my friend has one (sadly, im still stuck with a crate 30w and he sucks) And you can get amazing tones out of it, the speaker is better and that means it will sound far better than the 30 will at the same volume. Go for the 60.

EDIT: If i were you id grab your guitar and head somewhere close that has them and then also try out some others and maybe a tube amp with a decent pedal.
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the onboard tunner basically hums out notes (A Ab and Abb)and you tune by ear. No use. And I bought a peavy envoy 110 for 300$ canadian. That would probably go good for metal, and even better if you have a pedal. Cubes aren't really good considering you'v been playing for five years, and own a gibson.
save a lot and get a randall rg50tc or a b-52 at-100. they are tube amps, and they are madefor metal

When I started playing, I played a lot of punk and hardcore, and metal...now I've been getting a little more into shred and Vai/Petrucci type playing. I've been playing through that practice amp, and using a Digitech Metal Master for distortion, and believe it or not, for a crappy practice amp, it doesn't sound half bad....but I've really outgrown it and I need something better suited.

I'd like to keep the pedal if I could...I have a Boss NS-2 to kill the feedback and make it sound decent..I'm sure the amp will have enough distortion and tone for me, but I'd like to keep the pedal to play around with once in a while.

My schedule is a little hectic this time of year, so I really don't have too much free time on my hands to head out to Guitar Center or Sam Ash...so unfortunately, trying before buying, isn't an option for me...I would love to give both a shot and see which I like more, but I've got to go off sound clips and recommendations for this purchase.

I've seen many, many posts about saving up for tube amps...It's probably possible for me, but for the time being, I'm just going to need something to play in my room with, and it seems tube amps are way too loud, and for the ones with the great metal tones, way out of my price range. So I think for my budget, a nice solid state is going to be best for me. I can always sell it down the road I suppose, and put that towards a nice tube amp when I get a bit more serious and need to play for a crowd, or record or whatever.