alright this is little thrash metal riff i came up with and i'm wondering if it's good thrash metal or Trash Metal. Please be specific as you can even though it's pretty short. Leave a link for C4C
Metal Riff 12 .zip
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meh, its nothing special, its just skin and bones so to speak, even though its just a short little starting bit, needs some more solid melt-ur-face-off melidoes.
I liked it. You had some excellent riffs going, and I liked your use of chromatics. The biggest problem was the lack of drums/bass, and the fact that it's so short. You should definately add on to this because it could be an awesome song if you worked at it. Some lead wouldn't hurt, either, but not everybody's a lead player (including myself). I added some simple bass and a drum part to show you what I mean about the bass/drums thing. It sounds so much better with that extra sonic backing. Crit my newest one? (it should be right up your alley). Thrash/Melodic Metal
Metal Riff 12 .zip