This is pretty long imo, but I think it reads pretty fast. I kinda like this and I hope you do to.

When little words
become enormous phrases
a special effect
occurs on a number of screenings
and large stages.

Which color could possibly match this simplicity?
Maybe this pocket full of dimes
to which I have been dying
to give new meaning.

That's when the heat started
well below my knees.

"Chuck, the curtains please...
And now for my opening scene
reminiscent of melanoma,
soon a location
of endless digging and bleeding."

Which shape could possibly match this complexity?
Maybe the dent on my new cars' door
which I hope doesn't need
a large amount of explaining.

That's when the heat rose
to just below my sleeves.

"Chuck, the props please.
And now for my rising action...
reminiscent of a shadow being cast
over every child's closet door and ceiling."

Which texture could possibly match this intricacy?
Maybe a lightly scented candle
that gives an aroma of an entire landscape.

That's when the heat rose
to where my face was once peeling.

"Chuck, the lights please.
And now for my grand finale...
reminiscent of a mushroom cloud
where tickets and seating will always be available
for first hand viewing and participation
and no limit per household.

Which kind of fear could possibly match this amount of intensity?
maybe the possibility that little phrases
could actually someday become enormous words.

And that's when the heat rose
just above my upstretched fingertips.

"Chuck, the curtains please."
i really like this. it may not be the best ideas but the way it sounds and flows and bounces off each other is beautiful. its just really good in its subtle rhymes its repetition and everything. it reminds me kind of like you going as far as you could to the spazzy blood brothers type poetry that was really popular a few years back. i really like this bj. good job.
Just for the record, I wrote it when i WAS sober, so if all things pan out, you might like it the next day even more....jk

Thanks for the comments guys, and final, i will get to one of yours if you have one up.