On a neck through! Ugh... My brother in-law has had an old Carvin V220 since the 80's I never knew about. Looking at the truss rod, it looks pretty stripped.

On a neck through are we ****ed, or is it at all possible to repair? Perhapes cut the neck off and make it a bolt on, or is there a way to replace a neckthrough neck?

I think it would be worth it to fix, it's a pretty sweet axe... Thanks guys.
No cutting the neck would make it into firewood. The fret board can be removed and a new one put in. And there is a kit I have seen for repairing the end of a stripped truss rod. Ah the downside to a neck thru guitar, neck repair. Replacing the neck on a carvin neck thru is more work than building one. But yea it would be worth fixing as they run about a 1000 bucks for a new one.
^ that's what im thinking.

it's not cost effective for a starter guitar. but if you really want to save That axe then check out the tools needed to recap that nut.
(or seek out a repair shop that does this)

good luck.

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