Ok i'm writing this for a friend and somewhat myself. He recently purchased a 5150 head off ebay and a 6505 cab from GC. So far so good, Now the head came in today, so we set it up; speaker cable, 16 ohm exc..

Now we go to play, gain on 7-10 and mess around with settings. As i was playing i relize hey this is really bassy and i go to do a harmonic hoping for a screaming one since thats what i've read it can do. I hit it and its ****ty as can be. Imagine doing a Squeal while the Neck pickup is on, its not gonna be anything special as opposed to a bridge pickup setting.

So squels are near impossbile and im thinking wtf?!?!
So i suggested maybe a faulty tube or something? Or is the 5150 naturally like that and an OD is a must?
um what type of pickups do you have. its easier with high output pickups.
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no i know how to hit one.. i can do them really easily.. he can to on his old spider.. and i can through my metal master -> valkeving

technique isnt the problem.. somethings wrong with the amp and i dont know what.. like i said faulty tube maybe?
i didnt say it was technique.
i said what type of pickups are in your guitar.
example:it's easier with high output pickups (EMG's) then it is with like low quality pickups or low end pickups
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
ya i got that, but i have no problem on mine (invader/jazz) and he never had a problem with his.. (stock jackson) so im assuming thats not th eproblem...

gotta be something else..
maybe just your eqor where your picking.its a different amp so it'll be different.
i have a 6505+ and i have no problem with mine.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
6505/5150's NEVER have problems with squels, trust me. Its high-gain amplifier and very very many bands use it that play squels/pinched harmonics.
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I'm not too sure what it is, but most of the metal bands I have seen live that had ridiculous harmonics were using 5150/6505's.
It could be the amp hasn't been EQ'd right. With the JJs in my 5150 you have to EQ it just right or it has crap harmonic sounds. Try playing around with the EQ a bit.
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ok everyone i appreicate the help but you guys arnt grasping it.. we eq'd for a solid 2 hours..
flip your switch to neck... smooth tone and try a harmonic thats what hes getting... its gotta be soemthing with the amp..

i know 5150s get good squels, his isnt..
^ well... harmonics are easier to get in the bridge pickup

maybe there's not enough trebble in the eq
maybe there's a problem with a tube in the power/pre amp

is the tone an overall good(besides pinch harmonics)?
Peek at the power tubes, but especially the preamp tubes.. If any of them have the little bubbly glass tip broken off, or look like they have a white powder on the inside, you have a tube problem. If the tubes look fine, I would reccomend letting a tech take a look at it. Messing around inside big 100 watt tube heads without experience can kill (or burn the **** out of) you.
I agree with Spine. Something's wrong. My unmodded 6505 squeals like a motherf*cker, even on a mid-position Standard Strat single-coil. Switching to any guitar's bridge-position pick-up should send that amp squealing like a bitch. Sorry, but you need to get the head checked out by a qualified technician. Hopefully, it's only a simple tube replacement.
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deluxity - i know i was just desrcbing the sound.. sounds like its on the neck pickup but it was on bridge.. really smooth when it shouldnt me. and for tone... not really.. its really just not heavy at all even with gain on 10....

the.spine.surfs and LEVEL4 - i will notify him and tell him to take it in.. hopefully GC can check it ><