Is the american palomino v8 a lot better than the viatnamese made version, or do they sound similar to each other?
well i love the american one (they have one at my local music go round) and it sounds great everytime i tried it... if the vietnamese is the newer one (ie the ones they keep stock at guitar center) then it sounds very bland compared to the american one... but the again its at guitar center and they dont have the best reputation for good floor models
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I haven't AB'd the two, but I can tell you the quality on the Us one is going to be higher, if my Vintage Club is any indication.
Yeah the american made one will be better quality in general. But i don't think there would be too much of a difference, the vietnam ones usually have crackling tone/volume pots but thats easily fixable, if you can try it thats the best idea but otherwise you can return the amp if it breaks or something. Oh and about the sound, I only got to play the vietnam one at guitar center for a couple of minutes but its not like there will be much difference in sound quality, if the tubes are crappier you can always replace those too.
The design should be identical, the build quality might be lesser on the Vietnamese version.
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They should sound the same, or very similar. The main difference, as everyone has said, will be build quality.