I'm writing a solo (in the key G#minor) for one of my songs and im trying to link two licks i have together. i have this lick based on a G#m arpeggio that comes back down an E and i'd like to add something in to transition to G#m pentatonic for a bluesy feel. I was thinking maybe i could add in another arpeggio that has a B in it and move up to the postition i want to be in to link the pentatonic lick. Anyone got any ideas for an arpeggio to use to transition? or.. should i just try to form the E around landing on a b (because thats where my pentatonic lick begins)? i'm having a little trouble trying to explain exactly what i want to do but maybe someone could understand and throw a suggestion my way.

thanks in advance.
you might want to try cutting each of your licks in half, then splicing them together after that.
either that, or play the same lick but a 5th above, then play the second lick in normal positions.
well the 5th above sounds terrible and the splicing them wont work because the arpeggio is filling up space untill the chord progression comes back around to land on a G#5.