hi. i own a gnx3000 and am planning to buy a tube amp now (preferably peavey jsx 212) can anyone tell me whats the best way to connect these two together? is it possible to use the delay and the wah of gnx3000 while getting the distortion from the real amp? how should i connect these 2?

Sell the GNX3000 and get separate wah and delay pedals. The wah on the GNX3000 isn't anything great to start with.
what about getting a boss GT 8? i really want to keep the number of gears as few as possible. If i get seperate stompboxes and effect pedals it'll cost a lot, not to mention that in live performances changing patches will be harder
The JSX is very versatile. Great cleans, but the crunch and ultra channels both sound too fizzy and have a hard to dial out harsh high end. What effects are you looking to use? Delay and...?
delay is not the only thing. i usually use delay, revarb, eq, wah, wammy and compressor. but there are other so many types of effects and i just can buy one stompbox for each of them!. one thing i can do is to get a digitech wah and wammy pedal and plug that between the guitar and the amphead. the processor will work on the effects between the amphead and the cabinet. but still i want to keep my gears within an amp and a processor. isnt that possible?
It's possible, however, a multi-fx pedal will change the sound of a tube amp, often for the worst. It will essentially suck the tone out of it that you want from having a tube amp. Some people like the sound of a multi-fx into it, but it's generally recommended that you buy singles for use on a tube amp and not a processor as they won't change the sound as much.
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The JSX 2x12 combo has reverb unlike the head. So, no need for an extra reverb pedal. The amp itself is very compressed. I don't see much of a need for a compression pedal with that amp, but that's just me. That'd leave you with wah, whammy, delay, and EQ.

You could use the GNX3000 in the JSX's effects loop for its effects, but you'd most likely want the wah and whammy in front of the amp and not in the loop.
thanks for your feedback guys. looks like i'll just have to buy a wammy and wah pedal. i'm gonna check out how it sounds this saturday in a music store and then decide what im gonna do. that appears to be the best way to solve my problem.