I just got back from a gig with Ted Casher (Jazz people will know), and I have to say, he's a pretty damn good player.

Has anyone else ever played with a /somewhat/ famous musician? And don't be a smartass.

Hah, who am I kidding....
I know......... 7th Heaven
People in the Glenbard Area will know who i'm talking about
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I like you, as a fellow vocalist I like that you are here on UG and admit to not being a guitarist.

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GTFO non-guitarist!

I met B.B. King once. Really nice guy.

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Nah, but Aaron Stang (huge name) was my judge for a couple of competitions. He's a really awesome guy.
My God, it's full of stars!
I've opened for a band called die!die!die!

You may have heard of them..
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Tell her
"I could be playing this *inserts Job For a Cowboys Doom Cd*
but i'd rather play this *inserts *David Crowder followed by Brewster*"

haha yeah that should work

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richrawr FTW!
I think the biggest name we've ever played with was Maynard Ferguson (This was before my time, though, unfortunatly). Last year we had Trent Austin play with us.

My school is teh pwnz when it comes to Artist in Residence
lol we should make this a standard forum to brag about gig experiences

ive met all of kitty

havent played with anyone famous yet tho

tho i play for a somewhat famous local band here now
if your from the mn metro area you may have heard of us

culture of violence

EDIT: They have opened for 3 inches of blood and daath tho before i was in the band
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I played Glen Drover's guitar once.


In his house


While he wasn't home

I hope he doesn't read this lol, it wasn't Breaking and entering though he is my friends uncle
I know, and have jammed with Brian Robertson (Original Thin Lizzy line up and Motorhead)...

So Bleaurgh!!
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Adrian Raso, not really that famous, but he's big in my area to flamenco fans, he gave me a chance to play Capricho arabe with him, got a standing ovation for it