umm guitar gear and accessories.
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local pawnshop has one for about 320 bucks.
anything i should know about it?

is that a description of what the amp is, or is that the model of amp. i do know that the Peavey TNT series is good, and their TKO-115 is ok. make sure it's a bass amp.
if it has a reverb knob, it's not a bass amp. more information required for pricing it.
how many watts? Peavey's usually have the model name on the front or back of the amp.
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umm guitar gear and accessories.

Umm, NO!

Threadstarter, Peavey doesn't generally make bad gear. I personally am not a huge fan of them but many people swear by them. That combo looks pretty good, and if you're going to get it half price, as long as it's not in terrible condition, it's probably worth it.
I had the choice to buy a used 60 watt Peavey bass amp for $200, or a used Peavey 115 for $300. I didn't know the watt difference at the time, so I stupidly decided to save $100 and I went with the 60 watt. There's nothing wrong with the 60 watt, I like the tone, sound, and quality of it. So I think Peavey's okay in those aspects. But looking back, I would have bought the Peavey 115 in a heartbeat. I wouldn't buy it for full price, but for $320, that's a steal. So my advice is to get it.
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nah man...i said it all in the title

nothin more to it.
just 115 combo :-\

sorry, but the link really helped. i think its probably a good amp. Peavey has always done well on bass amps. looks like a fair deal.
Peavey make solid gear but I find them somewhat overpriced. If you get a good deal on a used one, go ahead. Ask the pawn shop if you can plug it in and give it a blast.
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