I am in need of some help with my PSP. How do put emulators on to it and how do i make the roms work. If you know of any sites that are really good for roms and emulators let me know too, thanks.
dude i don't know if you've been living in a cave for years or what, but there was this thing.....called a search engine.....called google...if this is to much for ya i can just stop here. but this is kinda like for guitars and help with playing music and what not.....but anyway, yeah, if your PSP is above 3. whatever you're screwed. unless you want to buy an unpatched version of some lumines game. but who wants to spend money on anything else other that guitars and accessories?
Do you have homebrew on it?
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Do you have homebrew on it?

I bought it off of someone who already had emulators and roms on it, and he said he could do it for me, but i want to knwo how to do it, so it could have homebrew on it.