Hey, im looking for a few incredibly easy songs to learn for tomorrow at school, really, really simple songs....ones that are only a few chords and can sing along with, on a scale of 10, how about 1-2? thanks for the help in advance
brain stew by green day....its like 5 chords
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First day of my life by bright eyes is easy to play and sing. People may already know it too. It has like 6 simple chords, I think its just C E Am F G and maybe something else tossed in there
proud mary lol.... 3 chords... em, g,d
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Sticking with the CCR trend, Bad Moon Rising, 3 chords, D-A-G
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Day Tripper or Eight Days a week by the Beatles are real easy tunes.

or Help, which sounds great on solo acoustic once you've got the strumming down.
Theres been a ton of threads on good beginner songs. Search the forums, im sure youll find something you like.
you could always improvise, and just pick like the Am chord, and just mess with that, with like hammer ons, and pull offs, you could make a hole song with just one chord
Tom Petty's Free Fallin is as easy as any song i've ever played...and very slow chord changes too.

Free Fallin Tab
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Disarm - smashing pumpkins Em C G Dsus(4 or 2, where you have pinky 3rd fret 1st string) then D