Our band recently kicked out the singer because he was REALLY bad on stage (his voice was too high, too) and did some weird stuff like make the audience clap their hands to the beat and whatever on metal songs.

What I'm asking is- are there any songs with good instrumentals?

I mean like something that doesn't back down for the vocalist. We need a song that's kind of hard [rock] so we can get the audience without a singer.

I was suggesting "Pretty Handsome Awkward" by The Used, but the rest of the people hate them with their lives.
I recommended "Doomsday Clock" by The Smashing Pumpkins, but I don't know if they've tried listening to it yet and if they like it or not.

We're only in junior high, and the best singers are chorus singers and not rock singers. We'll look for a better singer in high school when more people are there.

If you need any details, I'll try to keep you updated on what I mean.
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Orion Or The Call Of The Ktulu by Metallica

excellent choices
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Skill level?

Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater

Would you have the balls to play that?

or the skill
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Anything by Buckethead.
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The Metallica songs aren't bad.

Stream of Conciousness.. I don't know.

Buckethead = Kill our lead

saw some kids do it when i was in high school, and it was awesome. if you can play that song i suggest doing it.
definitely Ashes of the Wake by Lamb of God...i wouldn't worry about the little introduction with his voice at the beginning or end just play the song...dont know ur skill lvl tho that songs pretty insane.
In a house, in a heartbeat- John Murphy. Song from 28 days later.
It's gonna be a blue day
Transylvania- Iron Maiden
When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun
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Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment

that or universal mind
yyz by rush is a cool instrumental

also, if you can play it, eruption(van halen) is pretty cool
Depends on your skill level, but what I'd recommend:

Orion - Metallica
Stream of Consciousness - Dream Theater
Welcome to Bucketheadland - Buckethead (Easy and REALLY fun with a band)
Crowd Chant - Joe Satriani
Concerto - Cacophony (2 guitars, REALLY HARD!!!)
Yeah, pretty much anything by Buckethead would be pretty cool if you could play it. Also check out Rodrigo Y Gabriela. They play flamenco style but there's apparent heavy influence in their songs. They even did a cover on Orion *shrugs* just look around - you'll figure something out.
you can try wedding nails by porcupine tree, it's not that hard and it's really cool. and of course the sugestions already said, tallica, dream theater... buckethead, satriani are good choices too, not all of the musics are for gods only so you can give it a try.
also you can pick up parts of songs by dream theater or porcupine tree or even tallica and play them without voice, gets nice too!
memories by yngwie malmsteen.
i know most things by malmsteen are insane. but this is playable and sounds good.
Don't know if its your cup o tea, but "The Ox" by the Who
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YYZ-Rush if your bassist can haddle it cuz its the hardest song to play on bass. geddy lee is freaking awesome and that song is crazy on bass
How is playing out of tune a good thing
Okay, I'm sure that this isn't the kind of "instrumental" you're looking for, but there's this "band" called 'Vitamin String Orchestra' and they take bands (e.g. Hinder, Evanessence, Queen, Dave Mathew's Band, etc) and play their songs with classical instruments. It's pretty cool. There's no singing, but they play the melody with one of the instruments.

But for songs, I'd have to say YYZ by Rush is pretty good instrumental.
Before anyone says it yes I learned about these songs from guitar hero. But I think that they would still be good songs to play. If you can play them that is.

The Breaking Wheel by Artillery
Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson

(please don't make fun of me for mentioning guitar hero)
The Crusade - Trivium
The Call of Ktulu - Metallica
Orion - Metallica

that's all I can remember by now. also try Warmen... their songs are mostly instrumental, and good ones at that.
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Orion Or The Call Of The Ktulu by Metallica

It's all about Orion .
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