spirits spinning around me
lost souls are all I see

a transparent pentagram under my feet
to the high lord i will meet

off the ground, floating in air
demonic eyes chill me with a glare

entering a dimension to his tomb
right at the heart of hell's womb

the trip is over but has just begun
I am greeted by Damien, his son

not with handshake, but a knife to my chest
i am to end up damned like all the rest

as a sacrifice I am put in the fire
flames burning higher and higher

his laugh echoes a ringing to his bell
which summons all the demons back to hell

they drink my blood as it spills upon the floor
in a spell i spew blood from every pore
Guitars :
Peavey Vandenberg
Gibson Flying V
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Gibson Studio Les Paul
B.C. Rich Warlock
Epiphone Les Paul
Amps :
Peavey 212 Chorus, Scorpion Equipped
Marshall 15 watt practice amp
A little gory but I like it. I can't really crit much because there's not much someone could help you with. Good job