Ok i have about £60 or in US money $140 to spend, what i would like to do it is.

guitar >> BOSS MT-2 >> Amp (peavey blazer 158) (now i have pre amp out, or phones out what would be the best one to use?) >> USB/firewire sound card >> laptop >> whatever free editing software comes with the soundcard.

now what would be the best sound card to use?

i have found this, will this do what im proposing?

do i have to go through my amp can i just go from the output of my MT-2 to the sound card?

what kind of sound quality can i expect from this style of recording?

sorry for all the question but i dont have the first idea about recording, if you think there is a better way to do this please tell me.

thanks james
Your MT-2 is only an effects pedal, so you can't really get directly to your computer from that.

Here is probably the cheapest way to get started (well under your budget).

Use the headphone output of your peavey. Note it is a STEREO output and your PC Sound card line input is a STEREO Input. You can get a STEREO headphone adapter to the mini-style, then just get a STEREO mini-cable from that to your PC line input of your sound card. You can use Audacity for recording SW. I emphasize STEREO in this because if you use a mono plug anywhere along the path, it will sound like crap through your PC and MANY people screw that up. Total cost about $10. The sound quality should be the same as your setup sounds via headphones into your amp.

I would get some experience first this way recording. You may find your Amp is really limiting the quality of your recording.

You can download audacity for recording, or try some demos of other programs that cost $. I use Mixcraft 3 and think it is very good and will work with many different interfaces, including your sound card. The SW alone could chew up most of your budget.
thanks for the reply

i have recorded that way before but the sound card on my laptop is a pice of ****, and when recording the quality is not very good, ide like to be able to have some half good quality recordings
Your link is dead but I see its a Behringer product from the URL so I would suggest staying away from it.
For around $140USD you can get a Line6 Toneport UX1 interface which is USB and that would get you a nice input for your laptop to use both with your amp and a mic.

Laptops are not the best way to go with recording. They lack bass so be sure to use good studio headphones for the mixing and mastering.
An interface is good for something like a laptop but its best with a desktop with more USB and/or firewire inputs and faster ratings.

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