Ok, so I was watching How its Made today on the discovery channel (yes, I'm a nerd) and they were making Carbon Fiber cellos. Well, I was immediately curious to see if guitars had been made out of C.F. as well, turns out, plenty have (how i missed this i'll never know) but was wondering if anyone here owns one/has played one. I was interested to hear the sound out of one, and get some general opinions. The ones I saw on google were interesting, but I only saw one or two true dreadnought models.
cool-ass show. ive heard one, sounded pretty sweet, one guy was playing the carbon fiber and his buddy was playing a gibson jumbo. both sounded amazing
I think ovation or adamas' use carbon fiber. i know another brand does, but i cant think of the name. it has "rain" or "umbrella" in it i think...
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Selfish love by Miyavi is probably one of the coolest blues songs ive ever heard. And im hooked on the blues man. Hes just got the Devil's Slap or w/e he calls it that just screams badass
Lol, aight, so he's...interesting? I actually didn't mind the guitar or vocals, the damn bells were a bit annoying though, I'd like it a lot more without the bells going the whole time. Interesting look he's got going on tho....
haha, i know what you mean about the look. The more the guy makes the wierder he gets. The bells are hit or miss with people.
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parkers are carbon fiber and they're the ****.

All the parker models I have played have been nothing but great and I've played from a P30 all the way up the their top end acoustics. The only thing "carbon" about them is the fretboards on the high end models ( Carbon-Glass-Epoxy Composite to be exact). The bodies are proper wood though, on all the models.
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yea, im suprised only one person mentioned rainsong. Rainsong is definetly the biggest carbon fibre guitar manufacturer and they sound really great too.
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Sorry to hijack the thread, but any of you have played one of this "vibracell" body's guitar? like this one http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Switch-InnovoV-Signature-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar?sku=515684
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my friend has an acoustic carbon fiber and it is extreamly nice(and expensive) it was so nice in fact that i refused to touch it
I went to an Aerosmith concert this summer and Joe Perry brought out a Carbon Fiber acoustic guitar to play a song with. He said NASA designed it for him. I forget what song he played, but it sounded very different. Kinda twangy.
bosta, its electric gypsy by andy timmons, it is a pretty sweet song I must add.
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The only carbon fiber acoustic guitars I am aware of are Rainsong and Composite Acoustics. I have played the Composite Acoustics and it is a sweet guitar with great tone across the board. I would love to own one but they are over 2K.
I own a RainSong (a WS-1000), and I absolutely love it. It's definitely a "different" sound than what you'd get from a traditional high-end wooden guitar, but I think it has an amazing tone (and it sounds just as incredible aplified).

This guy has a bunch of videos where he's playing a RainSong and the quality is very good so you can get a good idea of how the guitar actually sounds (in the hands of an insanely talented artist ):


...here's a good example:


The model he's playing is a JM-1000 (jumbo).
I'm not a fan of them. I played one at guitar center today actually, and it just felt cheap to me. Same thing with ovations, I hate those with a passion.