This thread is dedicated to all the swimmers on UG. Discuss practice routines, compare times, etc.
Well i'm a newly turned 15/18 & i just started swimming 100 yards. This rec season's gonna be tough.
my mom has an Ohio state swimming record from 1980.... its still on the site for 100 meter butterfly SUE ANDERSON CPM :55.52 Mar-80
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I joined my school's swim team for the first time this year.

Funny thing is people seem to think that swimming is easy, to the point of even not being a sport. I had no idea how ridiculously strenuous it would be, but I'm really glad I did it, cause I'm gonna be in way better shape once the season is over.

I'm still real slow though, and my coach put me in 100m Freestyle in the last meet...
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Yea, I'm joining my high school's team in the spring & I'm doing these swimming preparation practices. They're kinda hard, but it's gonna pay off to be in shape in the spring.
I used to do squads for like 5 years, but I stopped when we got a new coach. It's a really good sport, my second favorite after tennis. I used to compete in butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle (hate backstroke with a passion). I wasn't the best at my swim club, but I got a few 2nds and quite a lot of 3rds.

I did like 1km the other day for like the first time in 2 years and boy was I buggered.....i'm so out of shape.
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By all means, the most rewarding sport out there! Carbo-loads, taper, and 45 minute showers.

Joined swim team my freshman year of high school with no prior competitive experience. Yeah I sucked at the beginning, but it became the best 4 years of my life. Now I swim on a club in college to get back into shape.

<== Main events: 100 fly and 200 free
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whats everyone's PB for 50 free? Mine was like 30.26. I could never get under the 30 second barrier, but im bigger now and more muscles etc, so maybe i could get under 30.
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Well i can swim pretty well on those floating dinasoars in the sick a$$ hotels on hawaii, i went like 60 mph easy, beat that biattch :] didnt you see me when we were there last summer? XDD i was the dude who got arrested for sexualy violating a beach tourist with a dinasour floaty =[[
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For 50 free, I go a 28 or 27. My PB, but its still not that good. This one kid went a 25, he's insane but he hates swimming now
i only did swim to meet girls, but now i really enjoy it.
and for my 50 free i get a 28, which is aight, but i cant do long distance
i used to swim but i have a heart condition
i swam a 50 free in like 29
100 free in like 1:02
i was slow, but that was my first year of competitive swimming so i am proud
Yeah, high school swimming just started for me.

2 calve cramps, and sore arms. I also seem to get this ridiculous runny nose after swimming too....

I just started swimming. Technically, I only started yesterday. Backstroke is my favorite stroke by far. The rest are all just horrible for me. So It's kinda not fun right now. I hope it gets better.

We did a continuous 25 IM today at practice. I clock at about 6 minutes every time. Which I know is probably ridiculously slow, but hey I'm getting there!

Swimming is pretty fun though. If the muscles didn't hurt so badly, I might have actually been smiling XD
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Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.
Ahh swimming. It's my sport.

I've been swimming year-around for 11 years thus far. I usually do 10 practices a week, 2 1/2 hours each. Usually around 6000 yards in the morning and 8000 yards at night. I've done a couple 11,000 yard workouts before. Even a 10,000 meter one on a Saturday.

What's your guys' best events? I'm mainly good at 400 y/m IM, 200 y/m back, 1650 y Free, 1500 m Free, 1000 y Free, 800 m Free, and 500 y Free.

EDIT: lol since all of you guys are comparing your 50 free's I might as well join. I'm not at all the body type for a sprinter--as my best events are 400 IM (yards I go a 4:28, meters I go a 5:07) and 200 back (yards 2:06, meters 2:25). First time I broke :30 in the 50 yd. free was when I was 9. I broke 1:00 in 100 yd. free when I was 10. I go a 24.1 or so in 50 free and like a 52.9 100 free.
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