I'm just wondering is being a solid musician attractive...like i mean good voice and everything...like is that an attractive feature in a male...if theres any females that want to throw in there 2 cents that'd be cool....and guys please dont be meanies im just wondering
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are you kidding? i'm ugly as sin, but if i put on some decent clothes and bust out the guitar and a nice tune and sing along chicks gather 'round
Girls tend to like guys that are "cute" and sing "good".

I overheard a conversation where this one girl that sits next to me in Bio and another girl were arguing over if "David" from this one musical was cute or hot.
I think that girls are attracted to talent in any given area.
No. They dig piano players.
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the guitar enchances your status. You are cute AND you play guitar or sing or whatever. Typically i ve never seen people get into a serious relationship due to the fact someone had musical talent.

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I don't think girls tend to like guys because of their musical talent. I say so because there is an extremey musically talented clarinet player in my grade, and I'm pretty sure he's never had a girlfriend.

Now as for girls liking singers/guitarists/drummers in general, I'm not sure. No one really knows why women take of their shirts at concerts and sleep with the band members. Maybe they're dumb? Either way, it's a win win situation for us
if you dont know that the answer is yes, then you probly arent that solid of a musician yet. seriously tho, girls will know better than your guy friend guitarists who all think learning 5 second shred licks are cool if your skills have reached a naturally solid level.
Well, this is my "female" 2 cents. I am Asexual (if you don't know, it means, get your penis away from me) though, so I don't see the world in the same way.

I don't really care if a guy can play an instrument, if he can play really well and isn't a d*ck about it. Then i'd be more likely to ask for some tips on playing. It doesn't make someone more attractive in my eyes, it just makes me respect the fact that they have taken the time and have been dedicated to learn.

My boyfriend plays guitar and what not, the reason it's excellent is merely because we have common ground to discuss experimental techniques, effects, how to use effects etc I can call him up any time and ask for help and vice versa.
isnt asexual where you reproduce with yourself because you have both male and female parts?? i dunno but imma go with that one. and...thats gross....really gross...
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