I'm looking for some good books to read, I like science fiction but I am having a hard time finding anything that is not "Science Fantasy." Some books I like are...

A Clockwork Orange
The Time Machine
Fight Club
Planet of the Apes

Some Books I am thinking of getting and would like your opinion on are
Enders Game
A Brave New World
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

So if anyone could recommend any books that you think I would like based on those books that would be choice.

Also movies.
Dune by Frank Herbert. The best science fiction book ever.

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Enders game is amazing. I read it in like.. 7 or 8 hours because i couldnt put it down. Theres about 8 books in the series, they are all fantastic. Really smartly written, and Orson Scott Card was pretty spot on the media technology of the future (he wrote enders game in the 80's).

Highly recommended.

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Fahrenheit 451
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It's called Dystopian Science Fiction. You'll probably have more luck finding more if you know what it's called.
If you liked Fight Club, try some other Palahniuk books. since you like the more science fiction stuff i'd say try Diary next, but i personally like all of his books.
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enders game is a good overall entertaining book, brave new world is good (in my opinion) not very entertaining but i like the phsychological look on the future. brave new world and fahrenheit 451 are similar in idea. different in delivery. and i like brave new world more than 451. i haven't read the third one. but DON'T watch the brave new world movie, i know everyone says books are better than the movie. BUT the movie has almost nothing to do with the book. and i wanna watch the I am legend movie, but i might pick the book up before it comes out.
Everything by Michael Crichton excet for Airframe. Most of them have to do with some sort of science thing, and all take place in the modern world (with the exception of Timeline taking place in both modern and middle ages)

Some of his best are:

- Timeline

- Prey

- Jurrassic Park

- Sphere

- Congo
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I am reading Farenheit 451 right now and it's pretty good. I've read Diary already and it's boner, I want to read Choke as well.
Anything by Michael Moorcock. Although some of his stuff leans more towards Fantasy, he's also quite lovely with Sci-Fi too.
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Fahrenheit 451!
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House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
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I personally hated Fahrenheit 451. I will second your choice of Brave New World. I first read 1984 then Brave New World. It is an interesting take on what the future could be, and still can become. I personally liked 1984 better, though. Brave New World still has a similar dystopian feel to it, but not quite the same feel as you get from 1984.
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The Invisible Man and The Time Machine by H. G. Wells are great ones.