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I got a Crate GTD65 for $279. Killer high gain mode. Check it out.

I believe there are better in the price range than Crate.
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^ +1. had one for a long time. total workhorse. takes pedals pretty well. halfway convincing tube emulation.
Stretch your budget an extra $50, and check out the Peavey Winsdor studio when it comes out... This is just bedroom jamming right?
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Or this at the lower end of your price range. I've had it over a year. No problems and it has a really good sound. The efx are pretty good also for the price.

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For metal, you might want to check out Roland Cube amps. Some of the better sounding solid state amps IMO.

Other things that would help on decision making would be to know if you plan on gigging with the amp? Do you play anything other than just metal?
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