Ok I think I want to buy the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT 30w amp... only other amp I'm really considering is the cheapest all-tube amp of decent size out there, the 15W Fender Pro Junior.

Now I've heard great great things about vox, but then some people are like "wtf the effects all sound horrible" sooo, what do the experts at ultimate guitar think? You may have noticed my other post about buying my first electric, so no I don't have any pedals at the moment, might get a wah or something later but was attracted to the potential of a few very usable effects on the vox.
I would actually buy the Vox, if you're new to electric. A *good* modeling amplifier will allow you to expirament, find your tone, and have fun with different effects while learning. You might not have the ear to appreciate a Pro Junior yet, and if you're new, you could get frustrated with it's simplicity.

If you're into the Vox, save some cash and get the 15 watt. The 30 isn't terribbly louder, and the atteunator is kind of pointless since both models have a master volume.
Having heard both I'd get the fender, but try them both they are very different amps. Although the above posters point about learning the effects is a good one your ear may say otherwise. A cheap multi-fx pedal with the fender may be the way to go to figure out what specific fx you like.
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i played the 15 watter for years. to this day, i still say it kills the blues junior for tone and features. if you get an AD, make sure you get a better speaker, and maybe a better tube. the stock speakers are awful.
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A cheap multi-fx pedal with the fender may be the way to go to figure out what specific fx you like.

^ Best suggestion.

The Pro Jr is a really nice amp. A lot of people like it's tone better than it's more expensive sibling, the Blues Jr. It will also hold it's value a lot better than the Vox.

The AD30VT isn't a bad amp. I had one in the house for a while, to be used primarily by my son. You can get some good sounds out of it, and you can get real tired of it. We upgraded to a Palomino V16 and never looked back.

I'm not a big fan of multi-FX pedals, but a cheap one might be something fun for you to play with while you figure out what effects you like.
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wait whats the point in buying a vox then replacing everything in it? Isn't that extra power knob useful in the vox so you can overdrive the "tube" without pissing off neighbors?

I'll have to play the Palomino V16 side by side with the Vox and see how it goes
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wait whats the point in buying a vox then replacing everything in it?

just like buying a guitar dude. replacing strings, pickups, electronics, and setting the action to personal taste.
same thing with the valvetronix IMO, youre just setting right what Vox didnt take care of in the factory. they sound pretty decent out of the box. vox just cut a lot of corners with them, which is a crying shame because i could sense the amount of potential in the design but they decided to call it a day with profit.

again, i used the 15 watter for practice(and some light recording) for a couple years. moved up to some VERY nice vintage tube amps and i still loved the thing.

by nature i like to mess around with things so i tweaked mine. i had a nice lonely NOS tube lying around that i popped in. quality speaker(one of the old 8" electro voice ones) and the results were terrific. whenever id tote the thing around i had people telling me how great it sounded and offering to buy it up on the spot. and it did sound pretty killer.

moving on from the rant. i think its a quality little amp, and an even better deal if you buy a used one(dirt cheap.) stock, i thought it sounded better than the blues junior(overrated imo)