i've seen similar threads, but here's mine.

what order would these be the most effective? i've experimented endlessly, but i'd like a second opinion.

Tone Bone Hot British (Tube) OD/Dist.

your input is GREATLY appreciated
okay. well, I would go like this:

Tone Bone

Wah should always be first. I've been told any compressors should go before wah, but i find it better the other way round. It's generally because wah pedals don't react well when the dynamics have been altered before the sound reaches the wah, or something along those lines.

I put OD before the whammy purely as a guess. That part is up to you.

Roto-vibe and flanger come next because they are modulation. Well actually, i have no idea what the roto-vibe does. I assume it's some kind of modulation pedal. But i prefer flange last of any modulation chain- some may say chorus, or even tremolo, but again, personal preference. Its good you don't have a huge chain of similar effects together- it makes this job easier.

Finally, delay. I put delays and reverbs last because that is how sound is made naturally. You may find changing this round could be benefical, but i hate anything after my delays.

hope that helps.
I share opinion with FunctionF2 that wahs should be first in the effect chain at all times. It just sounds better that way.

If you don't have an effects loop then the most effective way to arrange your effects would be:

Wah --> Tone Bone --> Whammy --> Flanger --> Rotovibe --> delay (delay must always be at the end).

If you do have an effects loop (check the back of your amp for a send and return series jack), then:

Guitar --> Wah --> Tonebone --> Amp

(start fx loop) --> Whammy --> Flanger --> RotoVibe --> Delay --> (end fx loop)

BY the way Function, A RotoVibe is designed to emulate a Leslie rotary speaker (an old-fashioned speaker that used to spin around in its box and give us the swirly effect). It sounds like a phaser slow and a vibrato fast.

To the Threadstarter, that is the recommended order, but it is all up to experimentation. Use that order as the backbone of your rig, and swap a couple here and there and pick what sounds best to you.
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Whammys should go before dist for the most "natural" sound, IMO. I mean, you wouldn't put a whammy bar/tremolo arm after your dist.