I've got an essay to hand in tomorrow on the creation of false memories.

I am absolutely terrible at structuring essays, and writing essay's in general.

Any advice would be helpful...Its 2000 words btw, and ive done like 40.

Help plz :x
i can help you. it not that hard to structure them.


Opening sentance.

state 3 things you are going to talk about in a clear sentance.

recap and closing sentance

then you need 3 point about the creation on false memories to talk about. if you give me three points i can further help you out
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This sucks. I rekon what im probably gonna be talking about, in 3 points, would be;

The creation of memories, what can influence the creation of a memory, and then i guess other case studies, researchers that have looked at this.

i suck too. got 2/20 for my essay. really dissapointing. shoulda got at least 5 in my opinion. lucky barely anyone passed.


i got 15/20 for the next one which was cool.

essays suck.
I'm pretty good at it, thanks for asking.

But really, it's not as hard as people think. Introduction just involves (believe it or not) introducing the topic. Write the essay as though it were addressed to someone who doesn't have any knowledge of what it is you're writing about. If you're in high school, you probably shouldn't use words like "I, me, us, our" and so on. Somewhere in the intro, usually the 2nd sentence or the last sentence, you state a thesis (you can also have an implied thesis but these are generally frowned upon for school essays). Go over briefly what it is you will talk about in you body paragraphs.

The intro is the hardest part. Now, contrary to popular belief, essays do not have to be 5 paragraphs long. This is stupid. There can be any amount of paragraphs you want, as long as there is an introduction and a conclusion.

Body paragraphs are fairly straight forward. Each paragraph has an introductory statement, a body, and a conclusion. In this way, every individual paragraph is structured somewhat like the essay as a whole. The conclusion of every paragraph should either tie in with your thesis, or lead into the next paragraph - possibly both.

The conclusion is not very difficult. Think of the conclusion as an inverted introduction. Begin by restating your thesis (you should not simply rewrite what you wrote in the intro, unless for some reason you want to). Go over again the points you made in the body, and end the conclusion with a (no ****) concluding remark of some sort that is your "last word" (literally) on the topic. The conclusion is important, as it is the last thing in the mind of your (probably) idiotic teacher, so the last impression will be the strongest.

Other than that, good luck.

PS: Only the bithiest and most unqualified of teacher will actually count your words. If when you're done you find to be a couple hundred words above or bellow the limit, don't strain yourself, you'll be fine. If you're not fine, it's because you're teacher is a dumbass and shouldn't be a teacher, in which case their opinion is irrelevant and you're still fine.
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