I leave March 1st across the pond. I will be staying until the 25th, any ideas?

Im already seeing the Liverpool/Newcastle game on the 8th....maybe it was Reading, whatever.

Im going with a like $5k so im looking at 2,500 pounds?

Im gonna stay in or around Merseyside. Is that a good area?

thanks all
I really dont like ska much any more... : /
See all the sites in London and catch a play there
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You MUST watch this video. It's very educational.

It can take a while to load, but i found it very rewarding.

wow i watched that whole thing.... wow. His accents pretty cool though. I wanna go there and see the chavs now. I dunno if I'll be able to stop myself from laughing and pointing though.

This says like the same thing. He wasn't kidding eh?
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