I'm looking into buying a 335 style guitar, and will most likely just buy a 335.

Before i do, i'd like to get opinions from those that have played other archtops as well as the 335, and who can give a reasonably fair comparison.

Basically i'll be using it for recording. Its just the sound and playability that matter to me, so if i can get the same quality from another manufacturer cheaper, then all's good
my friend had an old ibanez from the 70s, i think, that was pretty sweet. it had a smaller body like the 339. i have and love the sheraton II.

here's a pic of the ibanez http://photos-341.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sf2p/v113/194/49/660903341/n660903341_153088_9382.jpg
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Odds are, an Epiphone Dot with pickup and hardware upgrades can get you pretty damn close to a genuine ES-335. For a helluva lot less, as well.

Can't say I'm speaking from experience or anything, but the build quality of my Dot Studio is rather excellent. Could probably be close-ish to a 335 if I were to invest more cash into it.
Some of the better Ibanez artcores are supposed to be pretty good. If I ever got an archtop though I would get a gretsch.
I've heard good things about Hagstrom Vikings.

Never played one myself though.
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well every sheraton II ive played is amazing. neck smooth

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the epiphoe dot is good but i would prefer a ibanez artcore, maybe with a pup change. Or you can just get a real 335
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