I've just got new pickups installed into my guitar and I've got a question:

Does a higher volume on the amp make the pickups more sensitive? There is a humming noise that can't be muted unless i lower the pickup height. When I play at low volumes there is no noise. So I was wondering if keeping the pickups low is the only way to stop it. I've noticed when the pickups are lower the tone is not as full as it was when it was higher... I haven't had this problem with my old stock pickups.
well it proabably depends on what guitar you have and what pickups you put in it.
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thats just something that happens with volume. id either learn to accept it or get a noise suppressor like a boss NS-2, or a rocktron hush. and if theyre single coils then.... those just hum like a bitch

also, some pups just naturally have more noise than others, most higher-output pups will usually have slightly more hiss to them than others
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Single coil or humbucker?

What are the new pickups you got?

What guitar are they in?
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Single coil or humbucker?

What are the new pickups you got?

What guitar are they in?


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Those pickups should not be noisy. This sounds like a grounding problem.

Check that you didn't break any of your ground connections when you put the new pickups in. It's very commen for people to break the ground that runs from the switch to the back of the pot, or from the bridge to the back of the pot so make sure both of those are in tacts. Aslo make sure that the pots have a good ground connection with any shilding the guitar may have and make sure all the pots are grounded together with a wire and do not rely on the sheilding for the ground.

Could be your lead too. If the ground wire in your lead is starting to break (it happens a lot) then that can give you noise. If you accedently bought yourself an instrument cable or a speaker cable instead of a guitar cable then that will give you lots of extra noise as well.

Amps can often times pickup electrical interferance from the circuit they are plugged into. Try using different wall outlets. Try turning off lights and appliances in the room you are in and in rooms you are not in. Remember, any appliance that is on the circuit can give you noise. Hair dries, popcorn poppers, microwaves, florecent lamps, TV's, and Computers are realy bad.
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Even though you do use a humbucker-equipped guitar...Using shielding isn't a bad idea, and will still help combat hum.

what is this 'shielding' you speak of?