I was rummaging through a bunch of old demos, when I happened to find this. It's unfinished as, at the time, I was still in the midst of just learning how to play it. Some of you may recall an earlier version that I posted prior to recording this one.

Anyway, I guess I just want an opinion on the mix, because, when I get some free time, I plan on recording the entire song. This time with my amp and recently acquired Telecaster. (If I'm brave enough, maybe vocals too.)

Electric - 335
Acoustic - Guild F47RCE
Drums - EZ Drummer

Song is in my profile. One thing to note: During the time of this recording, I had no idea that the original song was played in dropped D. This was done in standard and a few tracks suffer a bit because of it. Ah well.
wow that was actually pretty good not many people know of jeff buckley and his amazingness. The cover was pretty good and from what i heard the miz was preety good. I really want to hear the whole thing done by you.

By the way about your fear of the vocals. I did a jeff buckley cover but i overdubed my vocals over the original song. Hallelujah. If you mine critting that would be great.

Smile alot today... okay?