The first electric guitar I had was an Epiphone my mother bought me. Its a strat copy and its pickguard is slightly different than normal. anyone know where to find one?
pics so we know what you mean exactly?
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It's the same shape as a strat pickguard and everything, it looks normal, but it's dimensions are slightly different than that of a regular stratocaster pickguard. I didn't even know until I tried to fit a regular one on there. I don't have any off a guitar to compare right now, either.
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Best bet would be to cut your own, honestly. You can buy pickguard material from various places; i know stewmac.com sells some.

Figured such, I was just wondering if there was a way to get ahold of one otherwise. It would be a great deal easier for me to do that. I guess Ill continue searching and if I can't find one in a reasonable time I'll have to bust out the dremel.