Ok so hey everyone.
I made a few threads asking about what basses i should get, and sorry to say, but I pretty much ignored everyones advice.
But i just could resist this deal! Ok so anyway, the bass I have ordered is the olp mm2 and the amp is the ashdown perfect 10.
Now, Billy Hyde, sells the olp mm2 for $425, but I got it for just $349! weehwww!
Billy hyde sells the amp for $339 but i got it for $269!
Now I have to wait till Christmas though (I'm not that rich, its birthday and christmas combined + I'm contributing.)

Anyway the bass is in flame natural with maple neck. It's gonna be sweet.

This wait it gonna kill me....

*all prices in australian dollars.

Thanks for reading my boast.
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John Frusciante
Nice find man, luckily you didnt do what some other guy did and thought an OLP was an acctualy Ernie Ball
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Lol, and thankyou. oh man I'm so stoked.
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John Frusciante
That was my first choice, but the cheapest price I could find was $525, which was out of my pricerange. My 2nd bass (long time away) will be a japanese J bass if that helps.....
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John Frusciante