I was given a VANTAGE strat copy, and i actually wanted to sell it. But my cousin who gave it to me does not want me to sell it.... its not worth much anyway.
It is about 8 years old ( could be younger or older)
And is pratically scratch free, im guessing because my cousin didnt plat it that much...

It has a sunburst poly finish. Its plastic parts are quite aged anyway and are yellowing so i dont need to do much to that. Its headstock is black and is "covered" with a thin laywer of plastic... so ot much i can to to that either...

So how should i go about relicing the body... WITHOUT removing any parts... cos im lazy and afraid to do so...

so i couls use sand paper, keys and what ever. ... any suggestions? could i use turpintine? or nail polish remover or anything else?
play it for 20 years???

or are u trying to take the easy way out?
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Quote by sestemofatowel
tie it to the back of your car and drag it down the road


Or give it to like a 10yr old douche who thinks he's pete townsend.

Alternatively, http://www.nymphusa.com/tele/
that site has some uber tips on relic-ing your guitar.
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nvm i've already reliced it... sanded it down ... ow you can see bits of the wood..

i've also scratched and dinged it.... but i think i need more sandpaper or at least 2000grit sanpaper cos im using 1200 no and its not fine enough...
Yeh, if your gunna fake it, please try and do a semi-decent (which is pretty nigh on impossible when faking it) job and use a fine paper, if you dont it'll look exactly like sandpaper marks and scratches, you want a more 'worn paint' look.