When you've downloaded software in Rapidshare that is split into separated downloaded parts (compressed to different .rar files) and then within those there's more .bin files, how do you put them together to get the software that you tried to download?

I feel like I'm missing some clear instruction but on the site with the links there's nothing!

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hm... normally you have to extract only one file, it should automatically extract the others too.
Maybe you have to open the output of you rar files with daemon tools?
I had that problem once, there was a *.bin file, and a *.cue file, and I didn't remember that I had to use daemon tools. xD
Open the first .rar and extract the .bin. Then burn the .bin to a cd (Choose to burn an image, don't just put it on a cd) or mount it up with Daemon Tools and run it like that.
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There's literally about 20 or 30 .bin in each .rar. Still do the same process?
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wtf? What the hell are you downloading? There should be one .bin file per .rar.
My name is Marc! Silly username.
....what the hell are you dling. most of the stuff you dl off rapidshare is split into .rar files and all you do is extract those, usually leaving a folder (if you dling some program) or the file (movies, tv shows) or just one .bin file.

to answer your question, just use any ISO program that allows you to view the bin files without having to burn it onto a cd. try poweriso.
Delete system 32. It'll help a great deal

On second thoughts no. Don't.

Lurk around the comments sections of some torrent sites or some torrent community forums. They normally give advice on how to do this **** on a daily basis.
It's Sibelius 5 in 4 parts from a Mac-rapidshare site. It's wierd... I've had it with one thing before and I had to just give up in the end... Even when I open the .rar on Windows it appears the same so I know it's not OS X being bitchy... But the fact that all of the .rar files have so many .bins in them makes me think it's unlikely to be an error...
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hmm i just downloaded FIFA 08 from rapid share, theres 46 godamn parts!!!!

an i just found out after i downloaded tham all that i couldve got the new pro evo!!!


anyway thats weird, since ur using a mac its probly a bit diff, but i wouldnt know since i dont use macs. hmmm let me ponder this while i write my songs......
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normally you select all of the .rar files then right-click and extract them to the same place. and voila! it puts them all together.


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