Hello everyone, I'm new here and got a NOOBish problem

I've looked at other sections of the forums but some seemed way to basic or had to do with playing the guitar rather than the hardware aspect of it, so this seemed to be the most appropriate section to post.. forgive me if wrong section

Anyway, I 've been playing for 2 years now, but don't know much about setting up guitar except changing strings/intonation .. just basic stuff.

I got a new guitar , Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Mexican something as labelled in the store, and I really love it. But, as my guitar teacher told me it would just be wise to just tighten the bridge and not use the tremolo much ... ( Vintage Style synchronized tremolo )

And after that, the action was way too low and the 5/6th strings would buzz easily on open string, so I was going to turn the little Allen keys to raise the 6th string, but one of the Allen keys seem to be already dulled out as I noticed while putting in the hex wrench and it was too big for the tiny hex wrench to fit and turn the damn thing.. (I'm sure the Allen key hole was already dulled by someone else.. and i probably made it worse )
by the way, all other Allen keys fit the little hex wrench perfectly. just except this one

So, what should I do to be able to adjust the action properly? Suggestion?

Thank you for reading this long/dumb introduction, and help would be SO appreciated.

Oh, and would it be easier just to take this to the store again and tell the problem to them?
You could put a new screw in.. but those would be hard to find. Since your bridge is probably not made out of quality materials, have you thought about buying a new set of saddles or even a whole new bridge? If that's not an option, use a pair of plyers to adjust that screw. If plyers alone don't grip well enough, use something in between, like little pieces of rubber.
hmm thanks for the input,
but buying new set of saddles or even a whole new bridge is a very bad choice for me right now, and using pliers won't work because the screw is level with the saddle, so nothing to grab really
loosen the string and try turning it with pliers from the bottom. Or buy jus the one saddle shouldnt set u back more than a few dollars. My strat has had the bridge floating up a little bit since day one and i have not ever had a problem with it tuning wise. IMO if you didnt have a problem with it before you should put it back how it was and only change things if you have a problem.

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^yep. you'll need to loosen or take the string OFF the saddle. then the saddle tension will be gone and u can unscrew it from underneath.

adjust it and leave it at the new height.

saddle pegs are only a few dollars in a guitar parts store. you just need to find them.

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^ You need to be sure about the string spacing. What exact model is that? It has the noiseless pickups in it, and the gold hardware which points to a Deluxe Player but I don't think they come with that finish and I don't see a push-pull switch. Different models have different bridges so before you buy a new bridge find out what fits.

Wilkinson should be good. Check out Callaham, they got great reviews

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