I am the kind of person that adds "colour" to a conversation by adding a joke here and there and every so often adding my own view on a topic that someone else was talking about and others are giving their opinion on. I am never the one to start a conversation however, as I can never think of things to talk about. So what do you talk about to people? News? Gossip?
I am just lacking in the socail aspect of... being social :P

yep, i suck at that too...
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you just started a conversation about not being able to have a conversation, so just talk about that in real life until you get good at it.

Alternatively, approach people and just say "Talk to me"
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Have a few good anecdotes that you can say to new people to break the ice
ask them how they are and what there doing in the weekend...I think that starts people blabbing into something random
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ask them how they are and what there doing in the weekend...I think that starts people blabbing into something random

Hit or miss, but if the person always replies along the lines of "nothing, not much" you are fighting a losing battle.

When it works its a good way to learn about people and finding good things to talk about.
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i uselly just comment on the weather, or look at coats/shirts/buttons/patches to see what their into
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ok then talk bowt music

For me this is the best starter for making a good friendship. That's why I always struggle having decent conversations with people who don't really care about music.
I usually just start out with making a joke or something, and then, once things are loosened up, I just make small talk.
Movies, music, cars, comedy, and TV shows are always good if you're with new guys.

Gals are much more difficult, and you basically have no choice other than to flirt with them
With friends, aquintances or people I've just recently met and had a brief convo with, I might go like "tell me something interesting" and if nothing else, you can tease them about not being interesting.

But with people I've never met before I usually improvise on the spot.
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ok then talk bowt music

Can't.They hate metal
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yeah i used to be crap at that

a good method is just to pick out a sidesubject from the conversation and start talking about that

this is preferable to ending a conversation, having an akward silence and starting another


how not to do it...

A: hey thats a nice dog
B: yeah its a german sheppard, we got it from germany a few weeks ago actually
A: ah cool, how old is it?
B: 3 years old

how To do it...

A: hey thats a nice dog
B: yeah its a german sheppard, we got it from germany a few weeks ago actually
A: ah cool you went to germany? I/my brother/my friend went to berlin (insert story)
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Watch CNN, read the paper. Talk about current affairs that you're interested in.

For example, you can start a conversation about how Barry Bonds is being indicted for perjury.

if it's people you know, start on common topics, eg. "school work is a drag"

if it's random people, politely ask questions and build on that, eg. "hi, i was wondering if you could..."

hope it helps
I have so much trouble with this. No one at my school wants to talk about anything except about who is going out with who and who is breaking up, it has been like this since like 6th grade. If I tried to make discussion about politics or religion nearly everyone would be like "WTF, is this kid thinking...by the way, who is this George Bush guy you speak of?" They are all so ****ing ignorant and dumb and fail school. Music doesn't work either, if they liked music I didn't like, then we would have something to talk about, but when NO ONE even listens to/likes anything except rap, there isn't much to talka bout. I don't really care though as soon as high schools over they will all be working for ME.
Best thing is practice.

Conversation Help

Basically just try and small talk whenever you can, on the bus top, to the newsagent. You'll think of things. In the end, what you say in the first few minutes will be forgotten pretty quick, so if you're interesting enough, it wont matter what you say.
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