do any of the online 1s accually work or anything if they do then plz giv me a link
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lol how can it be done online? Even if they are 'real' when they're physical, how can some code make it happen?
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no no no and no.

neither do the physical ones, they work though something called percieved motion. you imagine they will move and unconsciously move the lens.

they dont work
no such thing.

learn yo' self some english.
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spirit are all knowing and powerful lol i personally think its bull**** but i wanna see if it really is or not
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and i want you to stop making crappy pointless threads.l
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I can only poop during full moons.
It's simple self hypnosis.

It works on the subconcious mind controlling the arm or hand of the user.

So it's a physical thing. Not able to be done via internet.
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lol. of course they dont work.
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Ideomotor movement. You think the glass will move so your hand moves very slightly in the way that you expect it to. Add this effect together when you're in a group, which adds social pressure to conform and you have a fake super natural phenomenon.

Try it. Before you start mention that your great aunt betty died recently and your sure she's hanging around or something. Then refuse to take part, say its fear or something (just so you know you aren't affecting it) and watch your fake aunt's ghost communicate with you.
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Yeah, modern ghosts have on-board WLAN.
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