okay so im goin to trade my almost brand new BOSS DD-3 to this old superstrat YAMAHA RGX 812

it was made in japan
has yamaha floyds already (see pictures) but is NOT GLOSSY and was REPAINTED
and also yesterday my other "friend" offered me his IBANEZ GIO GRX20 which is very pretty but I heard that it's pickups werent good it's tuning head were courtesy of GOTOH though. and i still neeed to pay extra 35 USD for that guitar. hmm what do you think should i choose?

Yeah, definitely play them. That is really the only thing to it.
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That looks like a ****ty paint job no offense but i could repaint it maybe.
Yeah that floyd nut lock might be a little problematic, but just see how you like them i guess.
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