the otha dae our high schools music dep bought this guitar of trade me and gt it the otha dae. it wasnt wat ws expected frm tha pic and the things takn a hefty beating. some jokers gone over it with a craft knife in the shape of flames on the body and filled it in with bloody twink fluid. 1/4 of the bridge is mauled and 1 of the tones is shot. i ws wonderin if any1 knew wat these carlos les paul copys were like and whether it ws worth re-building as a project. exams end in about a week and a bit and im lookn for sumthin to do. cheers
this "carlos les paul copy" you speak of is a paul reed smith or PRS and they are very high quality guitars and if you know how to rebuild it then do it if you don't then don't lay a finger on it.
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r u sure about this man? i mean if it is thts cool it could be a fairly decent guitar. the things as heavy as **** compared to alot of oter guitars ive played