When you find yourself in a rut, what do you do to get out? Me and three of my closest friends are all feeling this way, so any advice would be appreciated.

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Try and step away from the things you are trying so hard to accomplish. Make time for yourself, including making humor a priority, as well as anything that you can simply enjoy without pressure/stress.
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Do a barrel roll.

But seriously;

Set some goals

Try something new

Spend some money on yourself
Remove penis.
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I reckon you should all go out and meet new people. Go to a party or something.
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dont go to a party when youre down. i guarantee, all of a sudden you'll realize how much you hate everything and you wont have any fun.

i did that, and now i hate parties so much. every single time i go to one, i hate it because of that one realization when i was a bit down...

the thing about goals was right - just set some and then try to achieve them. dont make them long term, make them short term. even just write a song, or something. what you're looking for is a sense of accomplishment.
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