i was wondering is there any easy rockabilly songs for a beginner on bass?
i know few band but they are little bit to complicates for me at this point so i thought if you guys/girls whould recomend anything.

Any 50s-60s rock actually something in 4/4 well just nothing to fast
that might not be to hard preferd something that can be played along whith Guitar Pro
Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, basically anyone in that vein. Alot of those lines rely on alternating between the root and 4th or 5th.

This probably should be in the bass forum BTW.

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Try out Rock this Town by the Stray Cats. It's a pretty fun song with some walking bass lines you can show off.
Find Brian Setzer's album/CD Live Nude Guitars. Lots of possibilities, almost everything on it. I was going to say "Rock This Town" too, that's the very first song that popped into my head.
Shake Rattle and Roll
Rock Around the Clock
CCR's "Oobie Doobie", same album as "Susie Q". Maybe a bit fast but should be doable. Might be others there too. Lots of CCR is pretty easy to play, good to learn on for guitar or bass.
early J Geils stuff might be worth a look. "Pack Fair and Square" come to mind, if you can find it, maybe "Whammer Jammer".
Georgia Satellites "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" and Dan Baird's "I Love You Period", not quite exactly rockabilly but similar and not difficult.

Also definitely look up some songs that use "walking bass", that's just about required for bass. It means basically using a scale within the chord structure of a song. 1 3 5 6 8 6 5 3 1-repeat- where 8 is the octave. Same for each chord in the progression. Used widely in rock, country, rockabilly, 50's, blues, you name it. Clapton's "Further On Up the Road" and "Before You Accuse Me" both would work great but I can't remember if either used walking bass lines. They may have played it straight, since they had lots of instrumentation and didn't want it cluttered.
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