Hey guys! i am andy from the band active horizon. We are a band who loves what we do. anyhow we really just formed..and played our first show at battle of the bands, It went great we loved it, Now we have some fans at least XD. We just made our myspace about 3-4 days ago now. so if your interested please add us or comment. BTW: we are a progressive metal band. and we live in wisconsin.
Another thing we don't have any music up we are recording and writing new songs and lyrics now, so please wait
I wouldn't label screamo as progressive metal. Have you heard progressive metal? It's stuff like Dream Theater, Opeth, certain King Crimson songs. I just can't stand people calling their band progressive metal when its clearly just another one in a dousin hardcore/metalcore/screamo band, which have nothing to do with metal. But I really can't judge until I've heard some of your songs.
well ...were not sure..like what genre yet untill we get some good tone and what we want to sound like..and the vocals etc.