New song I wrote in about an hour so its not great or anything...I added a few vocals even though i dont consider myself a singer (still learning to record vocals properly)...I also dont really like the distortion sound on this track because Im using a zoom product however Ive sent away for some MXR pedals that will help my sound in the future.

I was also wondering if the timing is off on this track (might have to redo the rhythm part because is seems a bit choppy to me and sound isnt there yet...thanks for any imput.

song is called

"Flying So High"
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I like the music, i like the vocals and the guitar parts..
the only thing you here is that certain parts are push't away
when the vocals start, it's not a great deal cause you hear the music
very well.. i like this song so make everything a bit clearer like say
upping the volume, make it bigger.. make a whole song out of it

Thanks for the reply

When I get my new MXR pedals I think I will redo the rhythm on this song...I still have to come up with a chorus or something as well...I also dont really like the riff at the end very much because it seems a bit out of place and there is to much wah on it or something.

Reason why the song is so short is because I dont want to use up to many MB at my free dmusic account.

thanks for giving it a listen anyway
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The riff is very catchy, i like it

Didnt like the vocals tho tbh, very unclear and fuzzy, the song could use some more variaty as well, try adding a break imo.

All in all i liked it, as i said, catchy riff, and a pleasant lead

btw, what programs did you use for this recording?
Vocals killed it.. you gotta expel more air when you're singing to put power behind it.

Riff is decent. A little too auto-wah happy to my tastes, but decent.
I agree the vocals are not very good...still trying to figure out how to record them...I also agree that i need to expel more air when singing...im kind of holding back when I sing for some reason.

I also agree that there is a little too much auto-wah...more so on the last riff...main riff is ok because I wont use the auto wah very much so I guess its fine for a song or 2...wouldnt use it very often.

I will redo the rhythm part once I receive my new pedals.

thanks for listening to it.
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