this is only for fans and/or listeners of creed. i pose two questions
1)how would you rate mark tremonti's axe skills while he was in creed
2)do you think that if creed had started with myles kennedy instead of scott stapp it would have sounded better?
3)how cool is 'stand here with me'?

oh, thats three

first person to say 'christian rock' gets permabanned
1. not as good as he is now
2. probably would have never made it big with kennedy because of the music scene at that time.....people liked vocalists like stapp
1. He's more into soloing now and he's developed strongly as a musician/composer.
There's no way you could compare creed with alter bridge. But somewhere you can still notice the aura of creed in alter bridge's songs.

2. If Myles was doing Creed,who would have done the vocals for Mayfield Four dude?

3. He's cool with stand here with me,atleast on the album. While playing live,he plays the lead just with the bass,and it sounds so empty.He's also messed it up sometimes. But the overall composition is rock solid.

Mark has become a fantastic guitarist!! i think stapp held him back in creed probably because he didnt want to be upstaged!!!
Myles kennedy has a fantastic unique voice and doesnt try to sound like the guy from pearljam unlike stapp!!